How To Keep Water From Pooling On Patio Furniture Cover?

Extreme and uncertain weather demands additional protection and cares for your valuable patio furniture sets. Exposure to severe weather conditions and other outdoor elements can majorly impact the core areas and overall appearance of your outdoor patio furniture sets. Hence, to offer a great deal of protection to your valuable furniture set, you must invest in premium quality patio covers that ensures complete coverage and provide adequate protection to your patio furniture arrangements. 

Water on patio furniture sets often gives rise to moisture spots that can seep through cracks or gaps, resulting in moisture damage, mildew, rust, and corrosion. Adding a patio furniture cover is the smartest way to cost-effectively protect your furniture from potential damages and upgrade the overall appeal of your home exterior spaces. 

What if water is pooling on your patio furniture cover?

Water accumulation on the cover is not ideal for the longevity and performance of your patio furniture. This blog will highlight the situations that can lead to water on patio furniture and the best prevention methods for your expensive patio furniture so that your furniture is always in good condition and visually appealing.

What Causes Pooling Water?

The primary reason water is pooling on your patio furniture cover typically has to do with the overall shape and structure of the patio cover. Here is the top cause of water pooling on your patio furniture set.  

  1. Flat tops

Flat tops have more water accumulation tendency on patio furniture sets. Flat tops don’t have edges or proper water diversions that can push accumulated water down the furniture sets. Opt for an angled patio cover for flat furniture covers that offer a perfect tilt to push down the water from the patio furniture. 

  1. Low points

Another factor contributing to water pooling issues is the presence of low points on your patio furniture covers. These low points can collect and retain water for extended periods, causing damage to both the cover and the furniture if left unaddressed.

  1. Large coverages

Lastly, improper or large-size covers should always be avoided to cover or protect your furniture from outdoor elements. Loosely fit patio furniture covers can hold more water compared to the above two situations mentioned in the article. Additionally, loose covers don’t offer the appropriate protection as advanced or angle covers. Investing in loose-fit patio covers may lead to losses. 

Why should you try to keep water from pooling on your covered patio furniture?

  1. Damaged seams

Water accumulation is the prime cause of patio furniture cover damage. Excessive water pooling can make the furniture covers ten or more times heavier than its original weight. Excess water weight can strain the seams of the cover and cause them to become weak over time. Furthermore, some water often escapes from the weakened spot, leading to moisture, corrosion, and result-related issues. 

  1. Fading and discoloration

Not many people are aware that furniture placed beneath a patio covered with pooling water experiences increased exposure to sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can result in fading and discoloration of furniture upholstery, cushion, and other furniture materials. Therefore, to prevent pooling water, investing in standard-quality patio furniture cover for your home or commercial properties is vital.

  1. Damaged furniture

Excessive water or snow weight can tear the cover, making a huge hole allowing water and other elements to pass through the furniture sets. Such events can significantly damage your patio furniture. It is extremely imperative to choose furniture covers that can withstand heavy weights and allow maxim water to drain off furniture sets. Additionally, excess water weight can cause strain on the furniture frame, slightly disfiguring the frames and resulting in discomfort. 

  1. Damaged mattress

Patio furniture matters have foam inserted that allows comfort and makes your furniture look spacious. However, most foam-based mattresses are prone to absorb water which may affect the original texture of the furniture mattresses. Water or moister can weaken the adhesive holding of layers and ruin the mattress beyond repair. Additionally, this situation can also lead to mold or mildew formation in the furniture sets. 

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How to prevent water pooling on your patio furniture cover?

How to prevent pooling water?- perhaps is one of the most asked questions by our customers. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent pooling water on the patio furniture cover. 

  1. Install an advanced drainage system

Adding a drainage system to your patio covers is one of the best ways to protect the furniture set from excessive water accumulation and further deterioration, This can be done by incorporating a gutter, downspouts, or channel that collects water, dirt, or debris and direct it away from the furniture area. Ensure the gutter is properly installed and maintained regularly to divert water away from the furniture set effectively.

  1. Adjust the slope

Compared to flat covers, angled or slope patio covers allow water to get drained off seamlessly from the cover. The cover should be installed at a slight angle so water runs off rather than accumulating in pools on your patio covers. If this is your first investment in patio covers or you don’t know which angle suits your patio furniture set, it is best to consult a professional.

  1. Choose the right size cover

Another vital factor to consider when choosing the right patio cover is the size of your patio furniture. The right fit helps protect and restore its original texture. However, ensure not to opt for extremely tight covers that may affect its texture and cause more damage.

  1. Use tensioned fabric or tarp

Tensioned fabrics are the best available options to choose from for protecting your furniture from moisture, water, and other outdoor elements. Tensioned fabric covers allow water and other particles to slide off easily, minimizing the chances of water accumulation and potential damage. Regularly maintain the cover for effective results by cleaning it with suitable solutions or tools.

  1. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to adding longevity and durability to your patio covers. Use cleaning solutions or tools as recommended by the manufacturer to reduce the possibility of early wear and tear and protect your furniture sets from extreme conditions. 


Will a water leak through an outdoor furniture cover?

Yes! If the outdoor furniture cover is of poor quality, too tight, or unable to handle excessive water weight, there is a possibility of water leakage that can affect the furniture.

Can I clean mold and mildew?

You can easily clean mold and mildew off your patio furniture by using good cleaning tools such as a brush, cleaning solutions, scrubbing, and other cleaning methods. Use safety precautions to avoid adverse skin reactions during cleaning. 

How do I find a cover that fits correctly?

Take accurate and precise measurements of every angle, feature, and part of your patio furniture. Based on the measurements, look for a cover that fits perfectly on the patio furniture sets. If needed, seek help from an experienced and knowledgeable professional that will assist in finding the best possible type of furniture cover for your needs and requirements. 

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