PE all-weather wicker furniture has become a staple in many home gardens. It’s reliable and it’s easy to clean. Resilient year round, this outdoor furniture which generally requires the least amount of maintenance. However, during summer it can become weaker or misshapen if constantly in direct sunlight.

  • When not in use, it should be kept in a shaded area whenever possible.
  • Steel Frame (NICO Collection) is very susceptible to humidity, and can rust quickly. Keep it  under a covered area, away from the rain, and the elements.
  • Take the cushions inside when you are not using them, and cover the wicker with the rain covers, to give it some protection from UV Light, and elements.
  • You can use Scotchgard to spray your cushion covers for extra protection.
  • Cushions covers are machine washable; you can unzip them, and put the covers in the washing machine, with regular detergent, and cold water.

Remember that the brighter colors fade quicker. If you need replacement covers in the future, please let us know; we do sell replacement cushion covers, and can ship them to you.


Part of the charm of purchasing our fiber concrete handmade pieces is that every item will be slightly different from the other ones. Concrete is made out of a natural organic material, giving that perfect imperfect look. Our product is made in small batches, which differs from the mass production that is so common in the market these days.

Several elements intervene on the look of the final products, for example the usage of natural materials, environmental conditions, such as  humidity, how the product is handled from craftsman to craftsman (amount of pressure applied, etc), and amount of wax used during the buffing stages, can cause the final finish to be slightly lighter, or darker.


  • Regularly treat your fire pit with a water-based silane/siloxane sealer, to protect it from environmental conditions (such as sun exposure, that may cause discoloration), water damage, mold and mildew.
  • Avoid spills of foods and liquids, and if they occur, always wipe them up with water and mild soap to keep it from staining, we do not recommend heavy acid cleaners, since these might be too strong for fiber concrete.
  • When not in use, protect the fire pit with the cover included in the kit, to prevent damage. After usage, wait until the unit gets cold before covering it.
  • Never sit or stand on top of your unit.
  • Do not drag the fire pit to change it from place; it must be lifted at all times, to avoid irreparable damage.
  • During the winter, please make sure to move your fire pit to a safe place, away from the snow.