Wood Outdoor Patio Furniture

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How To Choose Wood Patio Furniture?

If you have finally decided to invest in outdoor wooden patio furniture sets, then it is in your best interest to pause and think things through. You need to be sure about how you’re going to be using your outdoor space and how many people will the wooden patio furniture tend to. There’s no point in opting for a small and cozy furniture set if you’re potentially going to be entertaining a fairly large group of people. In that case, you can opt for a large table with additional armchairs and a sectional sofa.

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Can Wooden Patio Furniture Be Left Outside?

Before getting too excited about your latest aesthetic addition to your backyard, you must know that there are certain steps you need to take to maintain your wood patio furniture set. Cover your outdoor wood patio furniture set whenever possible. Clean it with a soapy mixture, cover it with sealant, or apply a coat of paint.

Which Is The Strongest Wood For Outdoor Wooden Patio Furniture Sets?

When choosing a strong wood for your wooden patio furniture set, teak is the king of woods suitable for the outdoors. It is straight-grained, and extremely rot resistant, which is the biggest plus point, and it will not warp easily or crack over time. Teak is also aesthetically pleasing and makes the perfect addition to your outdoor set-up.

How Can One Protect Wood Patio Furniture?

You can never find a completely weatherproof wood patio furniture set. So, to ensure that you use the furniture set to its full capacity, taking certain measures is necessary. First and foremost, cover your furniture whenever you can. If you can move it to storage space, nothing like it. Other than that, you can use a sealant or a coating of paint to keep anything from penetrating the material of your wood patio furniture set.

How To Clean Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture?

The best way to clean your outdoor wooden patio furniture set is to use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution. If you notice any mold build-up and want to deep clean your furniture, use a soft brush with a detergent mixture.

How To Stain Wooden Patio Furniture?

Acrylic and water-based stains are best suited for outdoor wood patio furniture sets. They are also easy to apply, so you don’t have to stress about the application. Acrylic and water-based stains are better suited for furniture rather than decks. You can choose from a wide range of colors and contrast or match it with your outdoor setting.

What Type Of Wood Can Be Used For Wooden Patio Furniture Sets?

There are many types of wood that you can use for your wooden patio furniture set, but the most durable options are Eucalyptus, Teak, and Acacia. But teak is the most durable and investment worthy.