Frequently Asked Questions

How are the orders shipped?

We have two methods of shipment, depending on what you order. 

Our furniture and bigger fire pits ship via freight. Freight delivery means the order will be placed on a customized crate, or palette. It will be picked up by a freight carrier, who will proceed to transport the order by land in a semi truck. The order moves from terminal to terminal until it arrives safely to your destination. 

Our small shipments, commonly our accessories and small fire pits, ship ground. These travel in their original box or packaging or in the packaging of the carrier used for the delivery, which can range between USPS, UPS or FedEx. 

How will my items be delivered? 

Freight: Our most common delivery method for Freight orders on residential areas is curbside, Curbside delivery means the driver will be leaving the item at the edge of your driveway, they cannot go into your patio or property. This is due to the fact that the carrier does not carry liability insurance, therefore if any damages were to occur to the item or to your property during delivery, the driver would be personally liable for it. This delivery method requires an appointment with the carrier and a signature upon delivery.

If you would like delivery to your patio, please reach out to us, through our support email or phone line, as depending on your area we may be able to make arrangements for white glove delivery.  This is done by having the item delivered to white glove service company, who will then deliver it to the agreed area and disposing of packaging material. Since this company is a third party,  the white glove service involves an additional fee, which will need to be quoted depending on how many pieces you have and the area we are delivering to, among other details. 

Small Shipments are often delivered to the front door  or mailbox, depending on the size; these do not require a signature or appointment.

What is the transit time for the order?

Freight orders

Freight orders which usually are our furniture and bigger fire pits, have a transit time of 7-18 business days average. This time range is based on the distance of your area from our shipping warehouse in South Florida. Delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, therefore we cannot guarantee any specific delivery date. Once you have the tracking number for the order within 48-72hrs, you will be able to follow its progress on the carrier’s website.

Small Shipments

Small shipments which are commonly our small Fire Pits or accessories. Can range from 7-14 business days in transit. These orders can also be delayed by unforeseen circumstances, and will depend on the distance from either our warehouse in South Florida, or Central California. 

Please note transit time does not include processing time. Which is usually 5-7 business days. Orders shipped via freight require a custom palette or crate and must be thoroughly inspected before shipment. Orders that ship via FEDEX, USPS or  UPS also require inspection and are subject to the carrier’s time frame for pick up and transit. 

Disclaimer: Because of new CDC guidelines due to COVID-19, all our workers go through an extensive process of sanitation and inspection of every order, which can add to the processing time. Once picked up, carriers have similar guidelines to follow, which can add to transit time, as well as the high influx of online orders causing delays with most carriers. 

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or other Non continental US territories?

We currently only offer direct shipping within Continental USA; however, we could ship to a third party carrier within this area that would transport to an area outside our range of distribution. These arrangements must be done directly by the customer, and payment should be processed through a wire transfer.

Fire Pits.

What kind of a surface can the Fire Pit be placed on? 

Since the heat of our fire pit is concentrated at the top, where the burner is located, these are safe to place on most surfaces, including but not limited to composite decks, wooden decks, grass and concrete. 

Can this be converted to Natural Gas, and how? 

All our fire pits are convertible to natural gas, however they originally come set up for propane; a Natural Gas Conversion Kit will be needed; a standard kit can be found under this link:

We also offer installation of the Natural Conversion Kit, for an additional $100. This will require an invoice to be sent so please contact us if this is something you would like to do. 

In order to connect to your system at home you may need an adapter as our hose is standard ⅜”  which may not be suitable for all home systems. We do not supply adaptors. 

Can I place the Fire Pit on top of the Natural Gas stub?

Yes, our fire pits have a hollow frame so there is space underneath where the stub can fit. However please note the height of the Fire Pit to know how tall the stub should be.

Do all Fire Pit require a Tank Holder? 

The tank holder is not a required piece but it is recommended to have, since some of our fire pits are not tall enough to hold the propane tank underneath. We recommend checking under the features tab on the listing page to confirm if the fire pit you are considering to purchase will require a separate tank holder. If it does, you can find it under this link:

Can I use a large home propane system instead of a 20lb tank?

Yes, you can use any system you like, however the connections which we supply are made and tested only for a 20lb tank , which is what the item has been tested for. So you will need an adaptor to connect or a different hose all together, which we are not able to supply. 

How long is the Gas hose?

Our hose for propane and Natural Gas are around 8ft long. However if the fire pit is one which comes with easy access to the tank inside the fire pit the hose is shortened to the necessary length. 

What does it mean when an order is marked “Pre Order”?

A Pre Order means that we do not currently have an order in stock but it is scheduled to be back in stock in a set time span,it is available for purchase, to ship as soon as it is back in our inventory. 

What does it mean when an order is marked “ Out of Stock”?

When an order is marked out of stock, it means we do not currently have this piece in stock and we do not have a date in which they will be back, therefore we will not have these items available for purchase. 

Can I leave my Fire Pit outside in the winter, if it is covered?

We do not recommend for the Fire Pit to be outside in cold temperatures. 

During the winter, move your fire pit to a warm, dry place away from snow and freezing temperatures. The protective cover will not suffice for extreme weather conditions. If left exposed, the unit can suffer irreparable damages that will not be covered under the warranty

Can I have my Fire Pit indoors? 

To use , as per safety guidelines, We recommend an 8 to 10 feet clearance from the top surface of the Fire pit. As well as at least one area to any side of the Fire Pit to be completely open for air flow. Please be sure to check your local city guidelines, for further details as they are likely to have more information on this.