Clean Patio Furniture Mesh with 3 Easiest Steps

Read on to unlock the best methods of cleaning patio mesh.The outdoor patio furniture is the most comfortable and attractive setting of your home. Nothing can beat the experience of hosting outdoor parties, spending quality family time, or enjoying the personal space on your cozy outdoor patio furniture settings. However, as an outdoor element, the patio furniture settings are often exposed to uncertain weather conditions, bacterial particles, dust, dirt, and more that can compromise the appearance and aesthetics of your outdoor decor.  

It can be challenging to determine the right cleaning methods, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Improper or wrong cleaning methods can cause severe damage to your settings and might leave negative impressions on your guests. Moisture spots and corrosion are the biggest concerns that can give rise to discoloration and other inevitable problems with your patio furniture mesh. 

In this blog, we will help you learn the best methods to clean patio furniture mesh to make it look new quickly! Without wasting any time further, let us dive straight into the post.

The Main Method of Cleaning Patio Mesh Furniture 

Before you begin the mesh cleaning process, it is imperative to understand the types of patio furniture mesh you have in your outdoor settings. You can not use a moisture-based cleaning solution on metal mesh patio furniture as it can result in the premature decay. Here are some effective cleaning methods based on different types of patio furniture mesh.

How To Clean Patio Furniture Mesh?

Step 1: Rid of Accumulated Dust

One of the best ways to start the cleaning process of your regular patio furniture mesh is by getting rid of accumulated dust, debris, dirt, and other visible particles on your furniture mesh. You use a cleaning brush or vacuum to clean accumulated dust, debris, and more. After dusting your patio furniture mesh, wash your furniture's fabric for better results. If needed, consider replacing the fabric of your furniture with a new one to enhance the appearance and aesthetic values of your furniture.

Step 2: Find a Suitable Cleaning

The next step is to find a suitable cleaning solution for your patio furniture mesh. It is always ideal to refer to the manufacturer's manual to determine the most suitable cleaning option for patio furniture. Consider doing a patch test before the process to get the most satisfying results. Dilute the solution with water to reduce the strong effect of the solution and get a perfectly clean patio furniture mesh by the end of the process.

Step 3: Wipe Patio Furniture

Don’t forget to wipe clean the patio furniture mesh to avoid moisture spots, as it can degrade the core parts of your patio furniture mesh and give rise to rust, corrosion, and more.

How to Clean Plastic Patio Mesh Furniture?

Similar to the regular patio furniture mesh cleaning process, begin by removing accumulated dust, dirt, debris, and other particles on your plastic patio furniture mesh. Accumulated dust, debris, and other particles on plastic patio sets are more stubborn than on wood or other popular patio furniture materials. You might have to use water-based solutions to get rid of them directly.

However, before using water-based solutions, try dry cleaning methods such as dusting to remove visible dust particles. You can use a cleaning brush to wipe off the dust, dirt, or other particles to prepare your patio for a water-based cleaning.

If you cannot find a suitable cleaning solution for your plastic patio furniture settings, consider using home remedies for a cost-effective cleaning process. Vinegar, soda, and lemon juice are the best combinations to prepare homemade cleaning solutions. All you need to do is, slice a big lemon into two halves and dip it in the soda and vinegar solution. Take one or two spoons of baking soda, depending on the size of your furniture mesh and add a sufficient quantity of vinegar to make a thick paste. Remember: Always wear gloves to avoid getting allergies or rashes on your skin.

Rub the sliced lemon on the dirt surface and gently press the lemon in between to avoid over spilling the solution. Leave the solution for a while and wipe clean it soft cloth as vinegar remains can cause skin irritation and other related problems.

How Do You Clean The Arms And The Frame?

The arms and the frames of your valuable patio furniture sets require equal attention. At times, the stains on the arm and the patio furniture frames can be more stubborn than on the mesh and other parts of the furniture settings. Out of habit, many people tend to touch the arms of the furniture set while eating or doing some random activities, leaving stain marks on the patio settings. If left unattended, these stains can damage the original texture and leave unpleasant marks on your patio furniture. Hence, it is important to get rid of these marks as soon as possible.

But how to clean mesh chairs?

Based on the type of material of your patio furniture sets, you can use a cleaning solution or home remedies to clean your valuable possessions. As a matter of fact, rust and corrosion start are more common on the arms and frames of the patio furniture compared to other areas. You should avoid leaving any moisture spots after cleaning to prevent rust and corrosion-related issues.

Consider adding protective covers on the arms and covers to protect them from dirt, dust, and harmful UV rays.

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How to clean tough stains?

Most homeowners have a difficult time dealing with stubborn patio furniture stains. Tough stains such as wine, coffee, and other greasy food stains can take forever to vanish from patio furniture sets. Sometimes, you might have another option but to replace them with new patio furniture sets. Here are some effective and easy ways to get rid of tough stains and add more life to your valuable patio furniture settings.

  1. Baking soda 

Baking soda is highly alkaline and has high ph values, making it the perfect homemade cleaner. However, baking soda alone migot offer desired results. Mix it with vinegar or lemon juice to remove stubborn grease stains. Rub the surface well using a soft cloth or sliced lemons and leave it for a few hours to completely remove tough stains.

  1. Vinegar 

Vinegar is an all-around cleaner that can clean multiple materials such as wood, plastic, and metal patio furniture mesh. Comparatively, vinegar is a much safer option than bleach and other chemically treated cleaning solutions available in the market. You can also use vinegar for cleaning deck furniture and more.

  1. Bleach 

Bleach is the most powerful oxidizing agent that reacts with surfaces to kill germs/bacteria and eliminate pigmentations. It is recommended not to bleach directly on the affected surfaces as it might give rise to other problems. Mix bleach with liquid options such as water or soda for desired outcomes. Scrub the surface with the solution and leave it for a few hours before wiping the solution with a soft cloth.

  1. Alcohol 

Alcohol is another impactful cleaner option that helps neutralize leather surfaces to remove all grease, grime, and other contaminants from the affected areas. You can also consider using alcohol-based cleaning solutions from the market if you don’t know how to use raw alcohol cleaners.

  1. Paint or replace 

Despite trying all the options mentioned above, if you cannot get rid of tough stains, it is best to either paint your patio furniture or opt for new furniture sets. Painting the affected areas can help create a protective layer against harmful UV rays and other elements on the surface. It can also help enhance the lifespan of your valuable patio furniture settings.

Is bleach a good option to clean patio furniture mesh?

Yes, bleach is a fantastic cleaning option to remove tough stains from patio furniture sets. However, ensure to dilute it with other liquids to reduce its strong effects and get the most out of your cleaning process.

Can you use vinegar as a patio mesh cleaner?

Most individuals often ask questions such as “what to use to clean outdoor furniture” or “ what is the best cleaning homemade cleaning solution for outdoor furniture?”. Surprisingly, vinegar is the most prominent and effective home cleaning for various furniture settings. Whether you are looking for solutions for cleaning deck furniture or bar furniture, vinegar is the ultimate option to choose from. You can combine vinegar with soda and water to make a strong cleaning solution for your furniture sets.

Hopefully, this post helped you understand the importance of regularly cleaning your patio furniture and ways you can add more life to your valuable belongings. Browse through our extensive outdoor furniture range or call us at (561)-9721 to learn more about our other products.

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