Sunbrella Patio Furniture Sets

Sunbrella Fabric is the “go-to” option for exigent customers when choosing outdoor patio furniture. This is because of its premium, long lasting quality. Contrary to traditional fiber dying, where the process only leaves the color on the surface of the fiber, Sunbrella is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic, making it very resistant to fading, stains, mildew, UV rays, and water.
All the benefits that Sunbrella offers, makes it the best option when going with bright colors, and when you don’t want to worry about having to change the cushion covers every couple season, since these could last between 2-10 times longer than regular fabric.
Maintenance with this Sunbrella is extremely low, since you can simply remove the covers and toss them in the washing machine, and air dry them.
When you choose Sunbrella Fabric for your exterior furniture, you are guaranteeing less stress, since you won’t have to worry about dirt and stains, and at the same time your furniture is going to stay looking brand new for a long time. 
Choosing our wicker lines, you can find the Sunbrella Option under both the Sorrento and the Tuscany Collection, having the perfect match with strong all-weather wicker, and the best of the fabrics in the market for your patio furniture.


1. Is Sunbrella fabric good for outdoor furniture?

Sunbrella outdoor furniture is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture on the market today. Most designers now use Sunbrella for their outdoor patio sets because of its many benefits and features. Sunbrella patio furniture stands the test of time as Sunbrella is an all-weather fabric.

2. Is Sunbrella fabric worth the money?

Yes, Sunbrella fabric is absolutely worth your money as your Sunbrella patio furniture will be well suited for all types of weather and is mold, mildew and dust resistant. It is also UV resistant and does not get affected by the sun’s direct rays.

3. How do I wash Sunbrella fabric?

You must close all zippers of your Sunbrella fabric. Machine wash it with cold water in the delicate cycle with your average amount of detergent. Dry as you can.

4. What is Sunbrella fabric made from?

Sunbrella fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylics. Fibers at Shop4Patio have UV-resistant pigment and will help your Sunbrella patio furniture last for a good amount of time.

5. Is Sunbrella Fabric durable?

Known as an all-weather fabric, Sunbrella is quite durable as it is UV, dust, mold and mildew resistant.

6. Is Sunbrella fabric soft?

Yes, Sunbrella fabric is soft and comfortable for Sunbrella patio furniture sets.

7. Is Sunbrella fabric waterproof?

Sunbrella fabric is water repellent but not waterproof.