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AOE Outdoor Umbrellas

Deluxe Novasun Aluminum Hanging Umbrella Cantilever 12 ft with Mobile Base

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MSRP: $ 1,650.00
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Deluxe Novasun Aluminum Hanging Umbrella creates an elegant setting in any patio area by combining the convenience of the 12-ft. coverage with full aluminum frame for durability and an elegant design. Includes a fillable mobile umbrella base stand with wheels, 220 lb capacity.

  • FULL Aluminum
  • NEW DELUXE HANGING 4x4 m - 12 x 12 ft
  •  - with New Handle B, New Rotation Cover, New Runner, New rib joint
  • - with new Crank,
  •  - Size : 4x4 m 12 x 12 ft
  • - with Aluminum Handle and Top,
  •  - with Small Down Hub Runner,
  •  - Alu Pole Size : 58x88 mm Th1,8 mm
  • - with 8 Pcs Square Alu Ribs
  • - Plastic Telescopic on End Rib with Screw
  • - Alu Ribs Size : 14x24xTh1,0 mm,
  • - with Steel Cross Base
  •  - with 360° Rotating by feet
  • - Cover : NOVASUN
  • - without flap
  • - with airvent
  • - with High Quality Powder Coating
  • - with Velcro strap
  • - with TILT
  • - with Protective Night Cover (NC)
  • PATENTED DESIGN: This unique and original design was created exclusively to AKOYA Outdoor Essentials
  • EASY MOBILITY: A set of wheels with 1 telescopic wheel allow you to effortlessly move this base back and forth
  • REFILLABLE RESERVOIR & TIGHTENING KNOBS: 2-fold stability system uses a pair of tightening knobs to ensure a secure fit while the fillable base holds up to 220 pounds (100 liters) of water.
  • HOME & BUSINESS: Perfect for any patio or deck
  • FITS AKOYA Outdoor Essentials UMBRELLAS: A contemporary design blends with most outdoor decorations and fits AKOYA Outdoor Essential umbrellas

(1) Novasun Aluminum Hanging Umbrella - 12' (L) x 12' (W) x 8' (H)
(1) Protective Cover

(1) 220lb water base - 34" (L) x 34" (W) x 7" (H)


- Aluminum can be spot cleaned with mild soap and water. More resistant stains can be cleaned using a solution of white vinegar and water.
- Do not use bleach or other abrasive chemicals


- Keep Your umbrella clean and dry. When rain was expected be sure to wipe off the water or let it air dry, as mildew can build in enclosed humid spaces.
- If you have a water Sealant a generous spray is recommended, to keep water off.
- Our Cantilevers have a free tilt which may cause the umbrella to sway. Do not be alarmed as some swaying is normal. The free tilting is there to ensure the Wind does not get trapped under the umbrella causing it to fall. However, on days with considerable Wind, We do recommend closing the umbrella to prevent any issues. Please see more details below, if you have purchased the umbrella with our Base.
- When not in use, Store your furniture in a safe dry place during the coldest months;Keep it covered when planning not to use it for extended periods of time.

If   you   have   chosen   to   purchase   a   base   with   your   Umbrella.   Please   note   the   following:  

This part also requires assembly to the umbrella
- The Base is recommended if you would like the option of moving the umbrella around in your patio. However,when you are not moving your umbrella, you must be sure the Wheels are pulled up into the base. If the wheels are down and there is Wind or a slope in your patio, The umbrella base may shift and roll around.
- Be sure to fill the Base completely with water. If you have harsh sun water will evaporate so be sure to check it at least once a month to ensure the base is completely full.
- The base when full weighs around 220lbs. This weight ensures your umbrella stays in place during Windy days, However, when you are expecting stronger winds please note the base weight will be shifted by the open umbrella which will act as a sail. In this case we recommend closing the umbrella completely and waiting for the wind to pass. This is especially true in seaside areas.