Your Own Little Paradise: Ideas for Small Patio Spaces


When it comes to outdoors, not everybody counts with the same amount of space. Disregard how big or small your area is, choosing the right pieces and decoration, can help you create your own oasis, tucked away from the rest of the world. Creating an amazing layout is easier on ample spaces, but small patios also have their charm. If you follow these tips, we can assure you, you will get the patio of your dreams.

Let’s dive right in:


  • Compact seating arrangement


Just like you would install a built-in seating area near your bedroom window, a similar arrangement could be ideal for your small patio. Built-in benches do not require a lot of extra space. Thus, they can be built adjoining to an existing wall. Keeping a few small stools with a coffee table as a center piece, is also a great way to make the maximum utilization of the available space.


  •  Complementing shapes


It is a universal interior designing hack that when you match the shape of your furniture with the available area, it naturally makes the available area look spacious. For instance, if you have a round patio, you can go for round stools and tables that would complement the available space perfectly. Or if you have more of a rectangular shaped patio then you can invest in benches or armchairs.


  •  Use multi-purpose furniture


Less is more? Agreed! But it is even better when less can function as more. When you are thinking about saving space and making the most out what is available, it is best to buy furniture pieces that can do more than one job. You can buy an ottoman that can be used for seating as well as a tabletop, or to put your feet up. You can also buy foldable chairs that can be open up when they are required to be used; otherwise they can be folded and kept aside.


  • Use bright colors


Selecting the right color scheme is extremely important for the type of feel you want to go for. Small patios can feature bright colors, and these will look stunning especially when they are paired against neutral painted walls, and grey patio furniture. For example, you can try painting your patio on beige or grey shades and then use bright tones and patterns for the cushions, throw pillows and accessories, to add life to the entire theme.


Apart from the above-mentioned ideas, one more thing that you can do is arrange the furniture in a way that it saves space. When you buy outdoor swivel chairs, make sure you arrange them in a way that your patio doesn’t look overcrowded. Cornering furniture and installing a shade umbrella could also suffice if what you are looking for is simple, versatile and cozy. Remember that the idea is to make the outdoor comfortable as well as appealing and buying from our selection of patio furniture will tick both these boxes.

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