Wicker Vs Wood Patio Furniture: The Right Choice For Your Outdoor Space

Choosing furniture for your outdoor space can be very challenging and confusing. Your outdoor furniture, unlike your indoor furniture, is going to be exposed to different seasons and conditions. You need to make a mindful choice for your outdoor space where you ensure that your investment does not go in vain. If you don’t pick the right material for your outside furniture, your furniture might give out earlier instead of lasting for a couple of years at least. 

Wicker, cane, steel, metal, plywood, acrylic, fabric, and wood are some of the other materials used to manufacture furniture.  With this large variety of materials available for furniture manufacturers, the options are endless. The challenge is to find a material that will last for years and not fade soon. No matter how great your modern patio furniture looks, if it is not manufactured with quality materials, color and texture fading away is a big concern. You would not want to keep faded, rough quality furniture and have no other option but to either get rid of it or spend more money to fix it. 

In this article, we will explore the possibilities of furniture solutions with an emphasis on two materials: wicker patio furniture and wood patio furniture. As this article progresses, we will discuss the advantages that both the materials offer. After all, furniture buyers are looking for options that are not only good looking but durable. Durability is a pain point for many customers, and hence it is crucial to make sure that you find the best out of the lot. 

Wicker Patio Furniture: 

People mostly choose their furniture on the basis of how aesthetically pleasing it is or how well it goes with their decor. Not all criteria can be matched, and then settling on one over the other can be disheartening. Wicker outdoor furniture has been a preferred choice for many. Wicker is not a natural material but man-made through weaving semi-rigid objects together. Wicker is usually used to make baskets, furniture, and many other items that can be useful as home decor! You can make willow products by weaving bamboo, willow, and rattan together. These days most wicker items are made of plastic or resin polyethylene. 

Benefits of Wicker Patio Furniture

  • Weather Resistance:

At Shop4Patio, all our wicker patio furniture is made from polyethylene resin. This makes the material the most durable when it comes to harsh weather conditions and sudden changes. You need your furniture to withstand the weather since it will be placed outdoors, and you cannot afford to invest in furniture that will start degrading once the weather changes. 

  • Strength: 

Yes, wood may be a little more on the plus side for this factor, but polyethylene resin wicker is also not bad to face the daily wear and tear of a household and its use of furniture. Since it is durable, it has proven to be a strong material! 

  • Maintenance: 

The best part about wicker furniture is that you don't need to invest too much time or energy into maintaining your furniture. Yes, bird dropping, dust, muck from rains, etc., will need to be cleaned, but nothing that a good water pressure hose cannot solve! 

Wooden Patio Furniture:

There’s no denying that wooden furniture has its aura and attractiveness. You can never go wrong with wooden furniture, especially if you opt for teak. At Shop4Patio, we use sustainable teak for our wooden furniture sets. As a prestigious material straight from Nature, wood makes the perfect material option for furniture. Imagine your outdoor wooden patio furniture set greatly with classy looking dining sets and timeless wine and whiskey glasses, an intimate event that could not get any better! 

Benefits of Wooden Patio Furniture:

  • Decor:

As we mentioned above, you cannot go wrong with wooden furniture. When you’re thinking of decor, especially for the outdoors, you will tend to bend towards a natural option. And wood is the perfect look that you need for your patio. It is not just sustainable but also adds to the beauty of your patio by making it look straight out of an old, fancy movie. These settings signify love for Nature and Art! 

  • Durability: 

Many may have a question about how durable wood can be in different weather conditions, especially during the monsoon season. Yes, wood does get affected once it is exposed to rain but not if you know the process of treating your wood pieces in the right way. Once you start following the right steps, your furniture can even be something you’d pass on to your kids or someone in the family! 

  • Maintenance:

Thankfully, there is not much you need to do when it comes to maintenance because wood is extremely strong in these conditions. However, you will have to indulge in basic cleaning and keep it free from dust, debris, and any kind of liquid spills.

This may or may not come as a surprise, but there is something known as wood wicker patio furniture. Yes, an amalgamation of the two most used and most fruitful furniture products. Combining these two materials have shown outstanding results in terms of strength, durability, withstanding weather conditions, and most of all, looks, styles, and the comfort factor! 

At Shop4Patio, you can browse through an extensive collection of wood furniture, wicker furniture, and a combination of both! Our team will help you choose the ideal products for your patio and help you style your furniture. We are looking forward to taking your patio to a level higher!

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