Types Of Wood Used For Outdoor Furniture: A Guide

Wood has been used for crafting furniture since ancient times, since as long as our kind has walked the planet. It has given us good reason to use it for furnishing purposes. It is not only malleable and beautiful but also versatile, just as attractive and aesthetically pleasing, as it was years ago. Especially for the outdoors, wooden furniture can completely spruce up the look of the landscape. Who doesn’t love a flattering patio set-up? 

Earthy tones, different patterns, grainy texture, durability, and so many more reasons can be listed to realize why wood fits so well as one of the best materials used for making furniture. Whether it's indoors or outdoors, wood is ideal for both settings. The wooden aesthetic has got to be one of the most soothing sights, accentuating the look of a landscape setting completely. Yes, it may not be that durable, but some types of wood can give some good metals a run for their money. Now, if you’re looking to pick the best wood for outside furniture, you must focus on the type of wood that is the most durable and has adequate protectants available. 

If you think about it, there is an abundance of types of wood for furniture along with sealant and protection options. This does make the job of choosing the best material for outdoor furniture a bit more complicated. But there’s nothing to worry about since this article will cover all the basic information one needs to get started with their outdoor wood patio furniture hunt. 

What are the different types of wood used for furniture? 

Wooden furniture has been the talk of the town since the beginning of civilization. It has proven to be very resilient and barely requires much upkeep. Speaking about being resilient, wood has been one of the few long-lasting natural solutions for home decor. It can easily withstand damage, kitchen spills, scratches, etc. If you have taken the right steps to maintain it, like using the right protector and sealant, your wooden furniture can even be passed down to your future generation. 

Here are several types of wood that can be used as furniture material: 

  • White Oak 
  • Cypress 
  • Mahogany 
  • Shorea 
  • Black Locust 
  • Acacia 
  • Ipe 
  • Teak 
  • Cedar 
  • Redwood 
  • Eucalyptus 

What are the most durable wood types for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture holds a lot of importance when it comes to a patio. Patios are meant to be enjoyed after a hectic day or on days when you just want to relax and rejuvenate. With the perfect outdoor furniture set, your senses are aesthetically pleased, and you can enjoy your time in a much better mood! 

Furniture can be made with various materials like resin, iron, steel, aluminum, etc. Out of all the options available in the market today, wood is considered one of the best materials, especially for outdoor furniture. The beauty and warmth of natural materials cannot be overlooked in situations as such. However, it is important to make sure that you choose the right type of wood, a material that is durable and can withstand pressure and harsh weather conditions. 

There are two types of wood that are regarded as one the best wood for outdoor furniture: hardwood and softwood. Both types pass as the best wood to use for outside furniture, depending on different requirements. But as the name suggests, hardwood is typically stronger and denser than softwoods. 

Both types have their advantages and disadvantages that need to be gauged according to what you’re looking for. Softwoods such as Cedar, Redwood, and Cypress are considered great chances for outdoor furniture with their moisture-wicking properties, but we suggest the best hardwoods found on the planet such as: 

  • Teak 

Teak is a beautiful tropical hardwood that easily passes as one of the best woods for outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for the ideal patio furniture solution, teak’s natural oils are the reason why it possesses amazing weather-resistant properties that helps it rank so high in the market in terms of durability. Teak outdoor furniture is ideal since it repels deter insects, water, and the best feature out of all, it does not warp concerning changes in humidity levels. Teak is regarded as one of the most valuable woods on the planet and is carefully shipped out of southwest Asia. 

  • Acacia

If you are worried and mindful about sustainability and being eco-friendly, your search ends here with the best wood for outdoor tables. Acacia grows abundantly in many regions of the world. So much so that sometimes they are referred to as an invasive species since they’re practically everywhere! Acacia is a hardwood that is dense and durable, able to withstand any elements that come in contact with it. Acacia has a rich golden brown color which can be preserved and protected with the right sealant. Constant contact with unsealed acacia can cause it to discolor. 

  • Eucalyptus

With a pretty red hue, eucalyptus is one of the best hardwood materials used for outdoor furniture and fixtures. If you maintain it with care, the red hue starts to darken over time and takes a mesmerizing shade. It can last you for a good 25 years if you maintain it well. IT provides almost all the same benefits of teak but at a cheaper price. Eucalyptus is known especially for keeping rotting and decay at bay. The high oil content of eucalyptus makes it naturally moisture resistant and very comfortable to sit on. If you’re worried about living a sustainable life, opting for eucalyptus will help take care of some of the stress! 

What is the most weather-resistant wood?

Almost every type of wood used to build furniture can be rendered weather resistant. Even if they do not have the natural qualities to help keep moisture and decay far away, it is nothing a good layer of protectant and sealant cannot solve. However, these methods need to be performed time and again to ensure you don’t bear the risk of any mistakes. Woods with natural moisture-wicking characteristics are also recommended to be covered and layered.

Out of all the woods that we discussed today, teak is the most weather-resistant wood on the market. Teak’s natural oil content makes it perfect for resisting weather. No wonder it is used frequently in coastal construction and outdoor furniture. 

What type of outdoor furniture lasts the longest?

Again, outdoor furniture can last for quite a while, depending on how you take care of it. However, teak is the best wood to use for outdoor furniture because of its great qualities. It is undoubtedly the most durable and waterproof. It is also immune to sunlight, making it the right choice for any climate. 

Can you put wood furniture outside?

Yes, you can most definitely put wooden furniture outside. The best type of outdoor furniture is made of wood. Although, if you want to make your furniture last longer and even pass them down to the next generation,  ensure you take precautionary measures. Use a sealant or protectant at regular intervals for ideal upkeep. 

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