Tips And Tricks To Help Arrange Your Outdoor Furniture

The sun’s out and it’s time to enjoy the summer rays again. Even though you might have locked yourself up in your house to be safe during the pandemic, you can continue to enjoy the summer time from your backyard. Remember the wholesale patio furniture you’d bought last year over sale season? It’s time to use it.


The placement of outdoor furniture can be slightly confusing. Most people end up rearranging their outdoor furniture multiple times because they’re unable to find the ‘sweet spot’ in their patio where they truly enjoy sitting down. To save you the trouble of moving around your furniture every second week, we’ve built this article to help you learn the tips and tricks to set your furniture down right - in the first go!


What’s the central point of your patio?

As soon as you walk into your patio, where do your eyes focus? Do you end up looking over the poolside or the wooden deck? Wherever your eyes focus on naturally is meant to be the main central point of your patio. Since the location naturally gains the attention of everyone that enters, it’s only natural to turn it into the primary gathering location.


Understand which furniture works best for you

If you haven’t bought furniture yet or are planning on replacing the patio furniture you own, it’s important to consider which set of colors, materials, and patterns of furniture will work the best for you. Do you want your patio to contrast the general tone you’ve set within your home? Or do you want it to compliment the aesthetics of your home?


Depending on your choices, you will need to invest in furniture that works for your home. We believe in the following uses of different types of outdoor furniture:

Wicker furniture works best for partially or fully covered patios, with some shade. Available in different shades of brown, wicker furniture is timeless and works with vintage tones with hints of modernity.

Are you a fan of minimalism? Do you prefer having clean-cut edges over intricate designs? Metal furniture is recommended for you if you prefer neutrality over other bold and contrasting colors.

Sunbrella furniture is a go-to option for most outdoor furniture buyers. It allows customers to play around with colors, allowing you to experiment with the contrast you want to build for your patio.


Don’t confuse patio furniture with outdoor kitchen

If you have an outdoor setup, it’s likely that you have an outdoor kitchen to accompany your seating arrangements. While the kitchen is meant to be used for immediate snacks in the patio, it’s not recommended to place the furniture right next to the kitchen.

You need foot space in a kitchen to be able to cook freely. Moreover, you need foot space around your furniture for your friends and family to be able to be comfortable with enough space to walk around. The placement of outdoor furniture is much more different than the indoors since you want there to be enough space for complete freedom in the outdoors.


Browse our furniture options for easy solutions

At Shop4Patio, we offer all the patio furniture solutions you could need for your backyard. From seating arrangements to fire pit tables, the upcoming beauty of your patio is only a click away!

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