Is Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Patio furniture is essential for every outdoor setting. Patios tend to be your home’s finest attractions, especially when a crowd is involved. You can host BBQ sessions, spend some time with your loved ones around the best gas fire pit during winter, roast some marshmallows, play some games, or spend some quality time. If you’re someone with a hectic schedule every day with work, your patio furniture can be the perfect spot to lay down and blow some steam off! 

Something that very easily comes to every patio owner’s mind while looking for the ideal patio furniture is whether or not they are investing their money in waterproof or weatherproof furniture. It is imperative to keep this in mind because as the weather changes, your furniture will be exposed to many different conditions, such as rain, snow, heat, and moisture depending on where you reside. The biggest concern for those who own outdoor patio furniture is rain and moisture. Rain and moisture can affect your furniture and stand in the way of its longevity. 

This article will help you learn more about whether or not your furniture is waterproof/weatherproof and what you can do to maintain your outdoor furniture during extreme or changing weather conditions. 

Can Outdoor Patio Furniture Withstand Water?

Of course, your furniture being waterproof is not the only thing you must keep an eye out for. When deciding on your patio’s furniture, you must keep numerous things in mind, like style, design, material, comfort, and many other factors. The most important factor is to keep your patio’s layout and space in mind and check whether the furniture pieces you like, suit your space. Without the pieces complementing the space, the entire set-up will not look right!

Many people presume that if someone is selling outdoor patio furniture, their pieces are waterproof, and there is no reason for you to confirm that part. That is, of course, not true, and you must speak to your furniture seller/manufacturer to get this detail sorted out of the way. Find out the different materials that your seller is offering and how well they would perform under different/extreme conditions, and whether they are even designed to withstand these conditions. 

Learning about these factors will help you pick the right set of furniture, and your furniture will also last for a long time. It will also help you care for your furniture adequately without being under the impression that your furniture is waterproof and letting it soak in the rain. If you do so without knowing whether doing that is wise, you could just lose your furniture to deterioration because of water, moisture, and other things that come with it. 

You need to know about your furniture’s features because some patios are covered, some are partially covered, and some are completely open. So when choosing these areas, keep in mind how exposed to the weather conditions they will be and choose materials accordingly. Especially if you do not have a lot of storage space to move your furniture around conveniently. You would obviously want to invest in furniture that helps you relax and not something that makes you worry about it constantly. 

How Can You Determine Whether Your Patio Furniture is Waterproof?

People often mistake waterproof and weatherproof. Many believe that waterproof and weatherproof are the same things since monsoon is, after all, just a weather condition. However, that is not true. A weatherproof piece of furniture is wind-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-resistant, but it is not entirely waterproof. So if you have ‘weatherproof’ furniture, it requires you to cover it properly every time there is a downpour. If you want to get a better idea of the level of waterproof features your furniture exhibits, you can simply get in touch with the manufacturers or read their manual, which will have all the details you need. 

Being able to tell the difference between weatherproof and waterproof through a glance is next to impossible. You will require many more details to find out what features your furniture exhibit finally. The best way to establish where your choice of furniture stands in terms of being waterproof is to find out the material of your furniture. Some materials are excellent for extreme weather conditions, especially downpours, while some need high maintenance. For example, if you’re looking at furniture made with teak, you’re in the clear. This is because teak is the most common wood used to make furniture because it is highly durable, does not warp easily, and is low maintenance. If you are trying to identify teak as a material, you can look for grain texture, color, and patina. 

If you’re looking for another way to find out if the furniture is waterproof, splash some water on the furniture. If it forms water beads on the furniture's surface, it means that the furniture is repelling water. Or better yet - juts buy a waterproof outdoor cushions!

Alternative methods for checking outdoor furniture's waterproofing: 

  • Check with the manufacturer: 

This is one of the best and easiest ways to find out if your furniture is waterproof instead of assuming its factors or trying on different approaches to figure out whether it is waterproof. You can also go through the manufacturer’s documentation included with every piece’s purchase which has a complete run-down of all the factors and what the owner needs to do to take appropriate care of the furniture. 

Keep in mind that if your furniture is not explicitly described as waterproof, chances are that it isn’t waterproof. It will not hold up to extreme weather conditions, and you may have to keep moving it to keep it safe. 

  • Identifying the material: 

Some manufacturers might skip the details of waterproof pieces. If this is the case, you must identify the materials used to make these pieces. Look out for acacia, teak, hardwoods, aluminum, and resin wicker, as these materials work exceptionally well under extreme weather conditions. You must avoid materials like untreated softwoods that include pine or natural rattan, or wicker. Yes, these materials might make beautiful furniture, but they will perish under changing weather and cost you a lot of money! 

  • Waterproof Outdoor Furniture Cushions & Covers: 

You can also check your cushions and covers to find out if it is waterproof. After being exposed to rain, if your cushions and cover dry out quickly, they are waterproof. If they do not, they will eventually grow mold and will soon not be helpful to your setting. All you need to do is expose them to water and see whether or not they have dried the next day. Waterproof outdoor cushions are also a great alternative for homeowners.

At Shop4Patio, we provide a range of waterproof outdoor furniture covers to protect your furniture from the occasional and intense downpours, so you do not have to worry about moving your furniture every now and then! 

The Most Durable And Ideal Materials For Outdoor Furniture: 

If you want to opt for the most durable material for your outdoor furniture, you must opt for metal, wood, synthetic wicker, or rattan wicker. Yes, they might cost you more than the other options in the market, but they are highly durable and last longer. So if you’re icky about spending some extra money, keep in mind that these will be a long-term investment. 

  • Metal 

Metal is the ideal material for outdoor patio furniture because it is so strong and durable. It has its own pros and cons, but the best part is that it does not absorb water. Although, it is exposed to the risk of oxidation over time. But if you’re using aluminum (no iron content), you’re practically playing safe! It does get too hot or too cold to sit on when it comes to different weather conditions, but that is easier to deal with than having weak furniture pieces. You can use stainless steel, aluminum, and wrought iron with a coating layer to save it from rust.

  • Wood 

Wood is the most common material used for outdoor patio furniture and has been used for furniture for ages. Hardwood options, such as teak, acacia, eucalyptus, white oak, and more, are perfect for furniture sets. Wood looks beautiful since it has a natural look with its grainy texture and earthy color schemes. 

  • Synthetic Wicker 

Synthetic wicker in rattan is slowly becoming famous for its durability and is being used widely for outdoor furniture. Natural rattan would decompose easily; synthetic wicker is highly appreciated since the weaving looks beautiful and stands the test of time! 

How to clean outdoor furniture? 

  • Use a small portion of mild dishwashing liquid and mix it with a gallon of water 
  • Use a sponge or lightly brush around this solution on the furniture
  • Rinse and pat dry with a cloth 
  • Do not use chlorine or any hard washing liquids 

You can also: 

  • Use a vacuum to get rid of dust 
  • Use a damp cloth for regular cleaning 
  • Use oxygen bleach and hot water to remove stains from wooden furniture with the help of sandpaper 
  • Use touch up paint 

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1. Can I leave my patio furniture outside in the rain?

You can leave your patio furniture outside in the rain only if it is waterproof or covered with waterproof covers. 

2. Can I use a waterproof cover for my patio furniture?

Using waterproof covers for your patio furniture is a decision you will never regret!

3. Will waterproof patio furniture last longer than non-waterproof furniture?

If you live in an area that experiences monsoons, waterproof patio furniture will definitely last longer than non-waterproof furniture. 

4. Can I use waterproof patio furniture on my deck or balcony?

You can easily use waterproof patio furniture on your deck and balcony as long as the space allows it!

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