Ultimate Guide Of How to Care For Teak Outdoor Furniture

The material you choose for your outdoor seating arrangement matters a lot. It needs to be durable, able to withstand weather conditions and pressure, and most importantly, it should be comfortable. Outdoor furniture care is crucial to ensure that your furniture is maintained and does not fall prey to faults that can occur with time if not paid attention to.

Teak wood is popular for the warm golden brown tones that give it the ultimate aesthetic look. Teak naturally contains high levels of oil that enhance strength, durability, rot resistance and resilience, when it comes to temperature, weather conditions, and other natural circumstances, making it the best pick for outdoor furniture. As we mentioned, taking care of your outdoor furniture is a must. This article is all about how to care for teak outdoor furniture, and all your doubts about cleaning teak outdoor furniture will be laid to rest!

Cleaning teak outdoor furniture is not that difficult. Nobody wants their furniture to wear out before it's time. All you need to do is pay attention to your teak furniture and participate in outdoor furniture care regularly. Cleaning teak outdoor furniture requires little maintenance but not your ignorance.

Wondering how to care for teak outdoor furniture? At Shop4Patio, we use the highest grade of teak wood containing the highest amount of natural and the number of wood gaps! Here are ways in which you can take care of your teak furniture.

How To Clean Teak Outdoor Furniture?

Imagine you’re taking out your furniture for a summer barbeque, and it is covered in dust, filthy for any of your guests to even see! This is the easiest part of keeping your furniture clean. So when it comes to how to clean teak outdoor furniture, all you need is a soft bristle brush to scrub your furniture four times every month! There are a few natural contaminants dirt, mold, bird dropping, etc. that you cannot avoid, but scrubbing your furniture will help you keep it clean and unaffected.

The Natural Aging & Graying Of Teak Furniture 

Teak sports the gorgeous honey brown color as it arrives with natural oil that gives it its most appreciated strengths, rot resistance, and water-repellent properties. However, with time, the color changes to a gray patina or ashy silver because of weathering. This happens because of sun exposure, rain and humidity. With time, the natural oils will wash out; you may even notice color bleeding, which is absolutely normal. If you wish to restore the color, you can do so by cleaning it. If you want to attain the silver/grey color, wash your furniture with water and soap and let it dry under the sun.

How To Remove Stains From Teak Outdoor Furniture?

Removing spills and stains is one of the most important parts of teak furniture care. Spills are normal. If you end up spilling something, get to it right away. Remove whatever you have dropped, be it food, water, wine, juice etc. A soft bristle brush is perfect for teak furniture care. If the stain remains, start scrubbing the wood with your soft bristle brush in the direction of the wood’s grain.

If the stains are stubborn, use a mixture of water and wood cleaner and scrub it out gently. Using fine-grit sandpaper, you can also sand the area that has these stubborn stains. Do not use scrubbing pads, steel wools or metal brushes - they can damage the wood and are the worst for teak furniture care. It can also incur great damage to the finishing of the wood, which will spoil the entire look of your furniture!

Storing Your Teak Furniture

If you give teak outdoor furniture care importance and are very mindful about how you treat your furniture, you must not drag it or push it through the floor. Yes, teak is very durable, but the friction caused by such actions will only end up eroding the wood, which is not great for its life. If you want to move the furniture, follow these simple steps:

  • Find out if your furniture set-up has any detachable parts. If yes, where are they located? Also, find the strongest points of your furniture that are not too vulnerable.
  • Find out the exact place where you want to move and keep your furniture, If any fragile things can be damaged during the process of moving, like ceramic pots, move them to avoid any shatters.
  • Have someone guide you or whoever is moving the furniture accurately. It will not be pleasant to keep hitting the walls or any other furniture or to break or harm your teak furniture in any way.
  • Be patient. Don't rush your movements. It will only harm your precious furniture.
  • Lift your furniture to move it. Do not drag it. Get someone to help you if needed.
  • Make sure your grip is firm and there are no chances of furniture slipping from your hold.

Treating Teak Furniture With Teak Oils

As we all know, teak is famous for its golden-brown color. But with time, this color can fade to silverish grey because of a natural process known as weathering, where the wood loses its natural oil content. Most people like the silverish-grey look, but most prefer its natural look! To protect the color of your teak furniture, use sealers or teak oil. Sealants and teak oil can keep the oil content from depleting, which, in turn, delays the weathering process. The sealant will also provide UV protection and protection from molding and water damage.

Keep The Temperature In Mind

Teak is a strong wood that can withstand a lot of natural causes, but overexposure to extremely hot temperatures can dry the wood out and shrink it. If your wood starts dry and shrinking, cracking will begin. If you live in a hotter temperature zone, we recommend not exposing it to direct sunlight. If you plan to keep your furniture inside for winter, keep it away from any heaters that you may be using. 

Fight Mildew

If you live in a humid area, chances are that mildew grows very naturally. Do not use high-pressure water to clean this mess because this can damage your wood for good. Instead, scrub and remove it gently.

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Frequantly Asked Questions About Teak Outdoor Furniture

1. How do I take care of my teak outdoor furniture?

If you are wondering how to clean teak outdoor furniture and take care of it, you can refer to our blog and follow the six simple steps.

2. Does outdoor teak furniture need to be sealed?

If you wish to retain the colour of your wood, then yes, you must use a sealant.

3. Can teak furniture be left out in the rain?

Teak can be left out in the rain, but overexposure can cause damage and loss of color. It depends on you! We recommend protecting your furniture from extreme conditions.

4. Can you leave teak furniture outside in the winter?

It can cause drying and damaging effects on the furniture. Keep your furniture away from any extreme conditions.

5. Should I oil my outdoor teak furniture?

It is not something that should be done; rather depends on your preference. Oiling your teak furniture will give it a darker and glossier finish.

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