Gray is the New Black!


Gray outdoor patio furniture has certainly become one of the go-to options over the last few years. If you would like to know why, keep reading.

Since gray is a neutral color, it is very easy to match it with your indoor decoration; at the same time it simplifies the tasks to pick accessories and accents, such as outdoor throw pillows or even an outdoor gas fire pit table.  Your patio furniture helps to transform the outdoor space into an extension of your living room. With a wide range of designs to choose from, our gray outdoor patio furniture can provide long-lasting satisfaction and a place to enjoy.

Our lines of affordable collections are built to bring comfort, style and functionality to your backyard. All of our gray patio furniture has been built to be weatherproof for long-lasting enjoyment season after season.

Choosing gray as the base color for your patio, easens the tasks of changing the decoration, without having to make a big investment; just by changing some pieces and adding some others, you can get a whole new look to your patio.

There are several materials on this color that can be picked; the following guide should help you to make an educated decision for your patio, deck or pool area:

Things to be considered in outdoor furniture:

  1. Sketch a schematic of your outdoor living space on grid paper and play with designs and configurations so that you can get the best mix to suit your needs.

  2. Consider the space you have available.  The best patio furniture doesn't necessarily mean the largest piece of furniture. Do you have a smaller balcony, which can only accommodate a small bistro set? Does your backyard have enough room for entertainment?

  3. The Style you are pursuing. With so many options, it can be difficult to find patio furniture that suits the theme of your house. Consider gray wicker patio furniture, for a more classic look, or aluminum for a more modern look. 

  4. Utility: Consider how much space you will be using. Are you going to hold a lot of outdoor parties in the courtyard? Are you in need of flexible patio furniture like stackable chairs and tables for extra visitors, or are you looking for a larger, pleasant place to relax? Always look for durability in all outdoor furniture, particularly if the pieces are uncovered and exposed to the elements. Consider which pieces would suit best your needs: sling chairs, cushion chairs, woven chairs, patio sofas, outdoor tables, or full patio combination sets. 

Many factors are involved while you choose patio furniture that’s right for your outdoor space. In addition to appearance, consider durability and comfort. Do you see something that catches your eye when shopping for the best patio furniture? Call us on (561) 619-4783 and find wholesale patio furniture that will enhance your outdoor space!

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