Everything You Need To Know About Protecting Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture

Furniture is what makes every house unique. No matter how big the house is or how good the layout and the design look, the center of attraction is going to be your furniture sets. Indoors outdoors, likewise. Taking care of your furniture should be on your priority list to avoid any degradation of your fittings. Because your furniture is constantly exposed to many things such as dust, spills, etc. it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to maintain it. Your outdoor patio furniture especially will require great care. 

There is no other material than wood that fits as the most prestigious type of furniture for your outdoor patio settings. You can easily accentuate your patio’s look with a set of wooden patio furniture. It will not just look classy but also give your patio an earthy feeling, as it should. Not to mention that wooden furniture is not only comfortable but also great to maintain your posture even while you relax! Since your wooden furniture will be outdoors in this setting, it will constantly be exposed to things like dust, dirt, bird droppings, rain, moisture, and muck that has splashed from God knows where. So you will need to timely keep your furniture in check and get it cleaned. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that your wooden furniture is ready for whatever is coming its way. In order to clean it, you need to make sure that your furniture wood is treated with the right procedure before you put them to use. 

In this article, we will discuss the said steps that you can take to make sure that your wooden furniture is safe and ready to last you for a very long time. 

Painting Your Furniture: 

No matter how great your furniture looks and how well shaded it is, if you don't take adequate care of it, it might start fading and losing its texture which will not only break your heart but also burn a hole in your pocket. Painting your wood patio furniture can help you a great deal. Paint will help coat the furniture with a layer that will safeguard it from the sunlight. Preventing sunlight and its UV rays from entering your furniture’s surface will help you keep it safe from discoloration and several other problems. You can use different kinds of paints, but latex paints tend to work the best, even better than oil paints. Even after you’ve taken this step, you will need to keep a check on dents, scratches, etc., to paint it again if needed. 

Sealing The Furniture: 

Sealing is ideal for your furniture if your location receives quite a bit of rainfall. Taking measures to ensure your furniture is safe from the repercussions exposure to water can bring is important. Moisture and rain are two of the most common factors that can degrade your furniture. Once you’ve made use of a water sealant, the natural look will never go away, just like paint. Water molecules can easily penetrate the wood of your furniture and cause numerous troubles. Water sealant is transparent and does not spoil the look of your furniture in any way, and keeps it just as it is! Make sure you leave no part uncovered. Lacquer and polyurethane sealant can go a long way. 

Apply A Coat Of Varnish:

If you want to avoid the process of sealing and painting, a coat of varnish can serve as the perfect substitute. Since it has water-resistant qualities, varnish can help keep your furniture safe from problems induced by rain and humidity. A coat of varnish can help keep UV rays at bay since it absorbs these rays before they can reach the wood. Varnish is also a great option to retain and accentuate the natural look of your furniture. 

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Change The Location: 

Another option for making sure your furniture is safe is to keep moving it. Yes, it does sound like a task but using just an outdoor umbrella is not enough. If your vicinity is known to go through extreme weather conditions, this may be your best bet. Move your furniture to the basement or garage and make use of the extra space you have been blessed with. 


Coverings can be of different kinds; a roof with UV filters, fabrics, or just normal coverings that slide onto your furniture can do wonders. Make sure to cover your furniture even if you have a layer of paint, sealing, or varnish. These things cannot provide 100% protection in harsh weather. 

Keep It Clean: 

You better hope that no mold starts growing on your wooden furniture. Factors like mud, mold, debris, and dust can cause deterioration of the wood and ruin the quality of your furniture. Even after the coating, you need to clean even the little bit of dust that gathers with the help of a microfibre cloth, 


You can easily waterproof your wood by adding a layer of sealant. You can also use paint or varnish. Using sealant is highly recommended because it is transparent, which makes it perfect for retaining the original look of the furniture along with keeping it safe from any damage and deterioration that can be caused due to the sunlight and harmful UV rays. 

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