Designing Your Outdoor Home Space


Often, we follow guides and trends from interior design to achieve beautiful, elegant looks for our home. With the rising trend of patios and outdoor spaces, we’ve come to realize that the look of the exterior space, can be as important as the rest of the areas in the house.

Currently, there're many options for outdoor patio furniture sets in the market to choose from. Shop4Patio offers a wide variety of collections and pieces, to please the different tastes (and budgets).

There are few things you want to consider when choosing which pieces of patio furniture are the best for you; here we offer you some tips to reach the look you are pursuing:


Comfort First:

Is amazing to look through your windows, and have sleek, modern furniture embellishing your patio, but is good to consider that most of the time, outdoor spaces are used to relax and have fun. The best way to do so, is by having furniture that offers comfort. Plush cushions, right height of the back… these are all good to keep in mind when choosing the perfect furniture. Swivel chairs, and chaise lounges are favorites for the purpose.


Choose the Right Material:

When shopping around, make sure you are buying materials that can withstand the typical weather of your area. Quality patio furniture is an investment and is important to make sure that the pieces you are acquiring, won’t have to be replaced within a couple years.


Don’t be afraid to use colors:

Even if your color palette for inside is composed by neutral, sober colors, you can allow yourself to go with something different for your patio.  Outdoors are usually more casual and informal. If you don’t feel like using cushions in bold colors, you can always add a touch of fun with accessories, such as center pieces and throw pillows. Turquoises, and oranges can completely change the aesthetics, becoming dull into an irresistible, Pinterest worthy space.


Make time to enjoy it!

Lastly, always find a good reason to sit and enjoy of your patio. Sip a glass of wine, while enjoying the company of your significant other, have a Sunday Barbecue with friends and family, or simply enjoy the sounds of the nature and the view of the starts at night.

Build your own layout, pick a set that perfectly matches what you are looking for or add some swivel patio chairs to your current set, to make it more fun. Feel free to look through the variety of options that Shop4Patio has to offer you.

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