Considering Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture?


One of the advantages of outdoor patio furniture, is that it brings comfort and functionality to your outdoor area. You may think that choosing patio furniture would be as easy as buying clothes, but in reality, it’s important to consider a number of factors before choosing the furniture for your deck, pool area, terrace or screened in patio.   

Once you have decided the final look and the purpose of the area (relaxing, sunbathing, dining, or all of these) would be good to follow expert’s advice, especially if you are acquiring patio furniture for the first time. Here are some tips before you make your investment: 

Environmental Conditions 

Considering the weather is crucial to determine what type of material is more suitable for your specific conditions. If you live in an area where it rains often, or are constantly affected by humidity, would be wise to pick outdoor patio furniture that is not affected by water. In the other hand, if you choose to use aluminum frame on a very windy scenario, it’s good to make sure the pieces are not too thin or small, to avoid the furniture flying around.   

Another important factor to keep in mind is sun exposure: if the area you are furnishing is uncovered, acquiring Sunbrella fabric for your cushions would be a great choice.  

Space Availability 

Measure your space before you start shopping around, to make sure the pieces you buy, fit the space you have available. You can make a list of the pieces you would like to see/use in your patio, prioritizing based on functionality. That way, you make sure that the pieces you need the most are not left out, if at the end, you cannot fit all you’d like.  

If the reason why you are thinking about investing on patio furniture is a specific event, would be good to consider the theme of the event, but at the same time, make sure that it will still be functional after the event has passed. 

Comfort and Details 

Decide on the colors and the style but also consider how the fabric feels and its quality. Some polyester fabrics are not as soft or resistant as Sunbrella for Outdoor Patio Furniture

Don’t forget about the density of the cushions, since this will be directly related with how comfortable the furniture will be.  

Are the cushions water resistant? Do you rather go with mesh vs cushions, to reduce maintenance? These are all factors you want to keep in mind before making a final decision.  

Whatever you decide to go with Sunbrella, Polyester, Wicker, Brushed aluminum or other material, if you follow these tips, your purchasing experience shouldn’t be less than pleasant, and your furniture should last for many years.

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