The best way to make your outdoor furniture last long: Windy backyard edition

It can be easy to be lured into the idea of having a backyard where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. But a lot of people do not pay attention to minute details and the planning that is required to design a patio. You can cherish your outdoor space and make its maximum use when it is well maintained and well-decorated with the proper outdoor furniture. Be it outdoor swivel chairs or an outdoor firepit, having adequate furniture in your backyard will make your outdoor seating experience more enjoyable. 

Considering the weather conditions

When it comes to choosing the right type of furniture, there are plenty of factors that you need to keep in mind. The best part about having a patio is that you can customize it according to your living conditions. For example, if you live in cold weather then you can set up a fireplace on your patio to enjoy chilly evenings. Similarly, if you live in a hot climate condition then you can put up an umbrella  and enjoy a quiet sunny afternoon by yourself. 

But if you are someone who lives in a windy region, only you can relate to the struggle that goes behind finding the perfect outdoor furniture that won’t blow away every time it gets a little windy. When you buy furniture that is made of a light material, it will blow away with the wind. The last thing you want is to find your outdoor furniture in your neighbor’s backyard because the wind took it away! 

The time has come to put an end to the mystery of your disappearing furniture. In this BLOG, we have shortlisted a few staples that will be perfect for a windy patio. Keeping in mind both comfort and appeal it is crucial to invest in the right type of furniture. The below-mentioned suggestions might help you to make a wise choice. 

Investing in the right kind of furniture

While hosting an outdoor party, you don’t want your guests tripping over unorganized furniture ( thanks to the wind). So what are you going to do about that? The best solution is to buy furniture, especially chairs that have sturdy backs. For tables, make sure that they have a strong base. Look for materials like metal rather than plastic. Or chairs with lattice backs would also be a good option. Metal outdoor furniture will not stay erect in the wind but it will last you a long time as well. Bar stools are an even better option than chairs. If a storm threatens your backyard then barstools can be moved to a safer place easily. Opting for a fireplace is a great idea but make sure that the lips of the fireplace are large enough so that the flames do not reach the people sitting nearby. 

Items like serving tables and plates are also likely to be blown away by the wind. You can prevent this by buying tables that have space on the side. Sliding these plates in that space will help. If you are tired of losing your cushions, make sure that you look for weighted options. There are plenty of cushions in the market that are specially designed to be weighted by added slack in the foam. So you don’t have to tie down the cushions anymore or run behind them as the wind takes them away. Weighted cushions will also help in holding the other light furniture down. 

How can I make my patio furniture last longer?

One of the proven ways to make your furniture last for a long time is by keeping them in the shed. Nothing can damage your outdoor furniture more than direct sunlight. Another tip is to clean your furniture in the right way. For most furniture types, wiping with a damp cloth and letting it air dry does the job. You should also switch your techniques according to the weather. For example, during the monsoon make sure that you bring your pillows and outdoor sofa chair indoors. Similarly, during summers you make sure that you are placing all your furniture under shade to prevent it from fading. 

What kind of patio furniture lasts the longest?

Metal patio furniture will last you a lifetime. Especially if you live in a windy region, metal furniture like wrought iron will be sturdy enough to be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. 

This is all we have to help you make it easier to maintain a windy backyard. Make sure you browse through our collection of outdoor furniture to find something that suits your needs and preferences the best.

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