It’s very common for homeowners to invest on patio furniture for their exteriors. There are some important factors to consider before buying to make sure you are making a good decision, including durability, comfort, style, and more. It is also important to consider the weather conditions since this will affect the type of furniture you can invest in.


For those living in places where there are frequent rain storms or regions which have high humidity, it is important to consider that the furniture you select is resistant to damage from water caused issues. Some of the factors to consider is mold, mildew and rotting. Rust and corrosion, high temperatures are also to be considered.


This article’s purpose is to educate you about the wicker collection that best matches your needs. It is a must-read for those interested in Sunbrella Outdoor Patio Furniture.


Best Outdoor Furniture for your Patio


Shop4Patio is an eCommerce store where you can find the best outdoor furniture for your Patio. We are a family-owned and operated business providing high-quality outdoor patio furniture. This includes many different types of outdoor items like patio furniture, fire pits tables, accessories, and more. We stock a wide range of patio furniture with the option of free shipping and financing.


All the furniture we stock is assembled in the USA. Our customers also have the option of visiting our showrooms in Florida, located at Delray Beach and Orlando, to appreciate the quality of our furniture in person.


There are many different types of outdoor furniture that homeowners can buy for their patio. We are listing below some of our most popular wicker patio furniture collections, with details to help you find the best match to your specific needs:  

-Sorrento Collection:  This is modern patio furniture made from flat wicker that includes plush back cushions. It is the optimal choice for those designing their patio for the purpose of having a good relaxing time. With optional upgrade to Sunbrella cushion covers for good outdoor living. This type of patio furniture also makes it possible to add other patio furniture like Sunbrella cushions, lounge chairs, love seats, sofas, dining sets, and many more.


-Tuscany Collection: This is a classic design with half round wicker weaving. This Tuscany collection is optimal for relaxing in the outdoors and to enjoy casual entertainment as well. It is made from all-weather wicker along with an optional upgrade to set Sunbrella cushions making it optimal for all types of weather conditions. It allows the flexibility to also include additional outdoor furniture items like lounge chairs, love hearts, etc.


-Malmo Collection: Our most resistant all-weather full round wicker set. It offers an elegant look to the outdoor patio area. The oversized pieces along with plush cushions and high backs back are optimal for relaxing outside. This type of patio furniture is perfect for those who love their outdoors. The added advantage is that it is available in Sunbrella fabric and different color options for the cushions as well. It’s built with an aluminum frame thus making it weather resistant.


-Sunbrella Patio Furniture: This is the most popular fabric for premium outdoor patio furniture. We have it available for Sorrento, Tuscany, and Malmo collections.  It is long-lasting, durable and different from traditional fiber dying. It offers several benefits and it comes with the option of neutral and bright colors. The added advantage being that it is not necessary to change the cushions covers frequently. The fabric lasts 2-10 times longer than others, depending on care and environmental conditions. It is very low maintenance, easy to clean by simply removing and tossing the covers in a washing machine. Dirt and stains can also be removed easily from Sunbrella fabric. 

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