Best Fire Pit For Wood Deck

As the sun sets and a cool breeze fills the evening air, there's nothing more relaxing than gathering around a crackling fire with friends and family. A fire pit provides warmth, ambiance, and an illuminating outdoor oasis. However, to create this unforgettable atmosphere, it's essential to choose the best fire pit for a wood deck

With countless types of fire pits to pick from, it's important to select the ideal one for your wood deck as per your preferences. In this guide, we'll discuss the best fire pit for wood decks and some helpful safety tips for your next BBQ.

70" Linear Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table to elevate your oasis!

This stunning 70" fire pit table features a concrete finish over a reinforced fiber concrete frame, making it both stylish and durable. 70 x 24 inches size is perfect for smaller gatherings or pairing with a sofa set.

With an output of 50,000 BTUs, our outdoor essentials fire pit table provides ample heat for year-round use. Also, the stainless steel drawer makes it easy to access the propane tank so that you can set the fire pit with the push of a button.

Key Feature:

  • Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs
  • This Linear Fire Pit Table is designed to provide an ample heat output of 50,000 BTUs. This substantial heat capacity means that the fire pit can generate a significant amount of warmth, making it perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere in your outdoor space. 

  • Push-Button Electronic Ignition
  • One of the key features that sets this fire pit apart is its user-friendly push-button electronic ignition system. Our innovative design eliminates the need for manual ignition methods, such as matches or lighters. 

  • Constructed With Lightweight Fiberglass And Concrete
  • The construction of our outdoor essentials fire pit table is both sturdy and reliable. It's crafted from lightweight fiberglass reinforced concrete, which offers durability while maintaining a manageable weight. 

  • 20 lb Tank Stored Underneath the Fire pits
  • For your convenience, invest in a propane fire pit, which accommodates a standard 20 lb propane tank. Also, the propane tank is neatly stored underneath the fire table, keeping it out of sight and preserving the fire pit's aesthetic appeal. Additionally, this design choice ensures you won't have to worry about an unsightly propane tank cluttering your outdoor space. But for safety purposes, place a fire pit mate on the wood deck for your outdoor spaces.

    Other features: 

    Burn time: The fire pit offers up to 10 hours of continuous operation on the high setting and up to 28 hours of continuous operation on the low setting.

    Natural gas option: A conversion kit can be attached to allow the fire pit to run on natural gas. Professional installation is recommended for its installation procedure.

    Overall, this outdoor fire pit offers various features that make it a versatile and convenient choice for a wood deck. Also, The impressive burn time on both settings allows you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer, whether you're hosting a gathering or simply relaxing with friends and family.

    Illuminate Your Space With 42" Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl 

    There are different types of gas fire pits, but the 42" Modern Fiber Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl offers the perfect blend of style, functionality, and elegance for your outdoor space. With its contemporary design and impressive features, this fire pit is designed to enhance your outdoor gatherings and create a mesmerizing and illuminated atmosphere.

    Key features:

  • Heat output
  • This 42" Modern Fiber Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl produces a generous heat output of 50,000 BTUs. This high heat capacity ensures that the area surrounding the fire pit is kept comfortably warm, making it perfect for cool evenings and providing a focal point for outdoor gatherings.  

  • Concrete and Steel Material 
  • The fire pit's design blends the strength of steel with the durability of fiberglass-reinforced concrete. This fusion of materials ensures the fire pit's longevity while maintaining a manageable weight. 

    Other features: 

    Push-button electronic ignition: Convenient and hassle-free start-up with a simple button press.

    Propane option with external storage: 20 lb propane tank stored externally with an 8-foot gas hose for ease of use and extended burn times.

    Burn time versatility: Up to 10 hours of continuous operation on the high setting and up to 28 hours of continuous operation on the low setting.

    Natural gas option with conversion kit: Flexible option to access a natural gas installation, providing a continuous and cost-effective fuel source.

    60" Rectangular Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

    Choose a 60" Rectangular Outdoor fire pit table to transform your outdoor living space into a warm and welcoming retreat. This simple and beautiful addition to your outdoor space has the astonishing capacity to improve the overall comfort and ambiance.

     A fire pit can transform ordinary evenings into extraordinary ones. It provides a brilliant source of heat and a captivating focal point that invites friends and family to gather around, resulting in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that extends your outdoor enjoyment beyond the limitations of daylight.

    To further safeguard your outdoor living area, consider the addition of the best fire pit mat for wood decks. This sensible safety precaution enhances the protection of your wooden deck, ensuring it remains undamaged and maintains its optimal appearance.

    Key Feature:

    Heat Output: 50,000 BTUs

    At the heart of this fire table's appeal is its remarkable heat output of 50,000 BTUs. It results in a bright, mesmerizing outdoor space that remains comfortably heated, even on cooler evenings.

    Push-Button Electronic Ignition

    This 60" Rectangular Outdoor fire table offers a convenient push-button electronic ignition system, providing a simple and user-friendly way to start the flames. With a mere press of a button, the fire ignites effortlessly, eliminating the need for manual ignition methods. 

    Constructed with Lightweight Concrete and Steel material 

    The fire table is built from a combination of two durable materials: lightweight fiberglass reinforced concrete and sturdy steel. This fusion of materials offers the perfect balance between strength and manageability. 

    Other features: 

    Propane option and burn time: The fire pit can be used with a standard 20 lb propane tank, which is stored externally with an 8-foot gas hose for easy access and extended burn times of up to 10 hours on the high setting and up to 28 hours on the low setting.

    Natural gas installation: It allows the fire pit to run on natural gas installation. It provides a continuous and cost-effective fuel source for illuminating your outdoor atmosphere.

    Guidelines for Ensuring Safety with Fire Pits on Wooden Decks

    Choose a Gas Heat Source if You have a Natural Gas Connection:

    If you have a natural gas connection on your wood deck, it's generally safer to choose a gas fire pit. Gas fire pits are safer than propane or wood-burning fire pits for a few reasons:

    • They're less likely to leak. Natural gas is piped into your home, so there's no need to worry about running out of fuel or leakage from a propane tank.
    • They're easier to control. You can turn a gas fire pit on and off with a push of a button and adjust the flame height to get the perfect amount of heat.
    • They're less likely to produce sparks or embers. It means there's less risk of a fire burning on your wood deck.
    Place A Fire Pit Mat On Your Wood Deck
    Instead of placing a fire pit directly on a wood deck, position it on a fireproof mat specifically designed for fire pits, on top of paver stones, or a sturdy block of concrete. 

    These fire-resistant surfaces act as a protective barrier between the fire pit and the deck, reducing the risk of heat damage or direct contact between the flames and the wooden surface. 

    Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy:
    Ensure the fire extinguisher is handy for outdoor use and appropriate for managing fires related to your fire pit. 
    Never Leave the Fire Pit Burning Unattended:
    One of the most crucial safety tips is never to leave the fire pit unattended while it's burning. No matter the type of fire pit, fires can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen when you least expect them. Always monitor the flames, ensure safety, and respond promptly to any unforeseen situations.


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