A Guide to Choosing the Best Metal Outdoor Furniture

Furniture plays a huge role in any outdoor setting. Since you’re not inside an enclosed space, you need to be comfortable outdoors. Imagine being in an outdoor space with a few to no furniture pieces? Wouldn’t that be uncomfortable? You want your patio to be comfortable and welcoming. Not just for guests, but for you too. You may find yourself taking a day off from the hustle-bustle of life and just chilling. 

If you have people over, furniture is the first thing that will play a part in welcoming them. Your first instinct is to invite people to have a seat. The more comfortable your guests are, the better host you will be. Your patio is where most of your activities will come into play when you’re with a bunch of friends. A good table to set your snacks, drinks and board games on. Few nice chairs to make everyone comfortable enough to make it a long fun-filled session. 

A lot of people wonder what’s the best material for furniture? Wood is great to use but because of changing weather, it can start to lose its sturdiness and not be too comfortable. Especially in rains, wood is the most vulnerable and can also invite a lot of insect trouble. The best kind of material for furniture is undoubtedly metal. Metal furniture serves as the best outdoor furniture because it is immune to so many things. It does not corrode easily, it is not affected by changing temperatures and weather. It is also much easier to clean and maintain. There’s no hassle of having anything go wrong and always having to run outside to shift your furniture if a weather emergency arises. 

There are different metals with which metal outdoor furniture can be made. Aluminum, steel and iron are the most common types of metals used for the making of furniture. In this article we will discuss these metals in detail along with their benefits so as to establish why metal furniture is the best choice for furniture. 

Aluminum Patio Furniture 

 Aluminum is one of the most strong and stylish metals when it comes to furniture. It looks sleek and does not rust easily because it is a non-ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metals are metals that do not contain iron. Aluminum is also lighter as compared to steel and iron and is much easier to move around or change the layout of the furniture setting according to your preferences. The only setback for aluminum is that it can dent and be vulnerable to scratches easily. 

Liquid aluminum is poured in a mold which makes it heavy and sturdy in order to take on the elements and withstand its pressure. That is how cast aluminum is made. Extruded aluminum is easier to move around and is much lighter but does not provide optimum resistance towards the weather. 

  • How to maintain your aluminum furniture?  
    • In order to preserve the luster and stylish look of your aluminum furniture, make sure to clean it regularly with a hose. Set the hose setting to something similar to the rain and make sure you get into those edges. 
    • Use non-abrasive polish in order to get rid of any stubborn scuff marks. 

Stainless Steel Patio Furniture 

Stainless steel is the next viable option for your furniture. It is made with iron mixed with carbon to make it more strong and sturdy. Stainless steel is the strongest metal for furniture. It is harder and heavier than aluminum and is less likely to take any damages like getting deformed. Steel is less expensive than aluminum but it actually depends on the product and what brand has manufactured it. If stainless steel is not powder coated, it can be more vulnerable to rusting. A powder coat lasts much longer than a paint quote. The only setback with steel is that it can become too hot to sit on under the sun. But its not something that cannot be taken care of. Just add some good cushions and sheets, you’re good to go! 

  • How to maintain your stainless steel furniture?
    • Treat your furniture with rust inhibitor and do paint touch-ups regularly
    • Cover it up during winters to make sure your furniture lives long 

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture 

Wrought iron is very very strong and durable. It provides maximum support and will not be blown away by the wind even in harsh weather conditions. Wrought iron furniture is more expensive than all the other types of furniture but is worth your money if you’re looking for a long-term use product. Wrought iron is also available in so many more designs than the rest. 

  • How to maintain your wrought iron furniture?
    • Wrought iron furniture can be sandblasted or powder-coated to add that extra sense of protection. 
    • Use extra-fine sandpaper, rust inhibitor, or touch-up paint to retain the feel and look of your furniture. 

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