A Buying Guide For Different Types Of Fire Glass

Fire glass is a tempered glass that’s manufactured in chunks to offer a very decorative look for fire pits and fireplaces. They are aesthetically pleasing and add a very minimalistic look to your fire pit. Many people have just come to discover it and it does not disappoint. As one of the most stylish additions to a home's fire pit or fireplace, this product is a must-buy for anyone looking to switch things up in their living space. 

We at Shop4Patio offer a range of fire glass options and recommend sprucing up the look of your fire pit table. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, this glass for fire pits enhances the look of your fire area and changes the vibe! You do not have to deal with logs and clean up your fireplace every now and then with this innovative fire pit solution. 

Fire glass rocks are made in such a way that they can withstand harsh weather and temperatures without being discolored. It emits no harmful gasses, leaves no residue or soot and does not leave any chemical traces behind. These rocks are also used in aquariums, inside fish tanks, for landscaping and art projects. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about fire glass so that you can make a conscious decision. 

Types Of Fire Glass: 


You can avail fire glass in three different sizes - fine, medium, and large. 

It can get confusing to decide what size will be efficient for your fire pit. Whilst deciding what size to go for, you must consider these two factors: 

  • The homogeneity of the fire glass between a particular space
  • The amount of space available between the shards 

1. Fine Fire Glass Size: 

The fine fire glass comes in the form of quarter-inch-sized shards. This is the most commonly used size of fire glass since its versatility allows it to be used in every kind of fire pit. Whether it’s a large fire pit or the tiniest of pit installation, fine-sized glass is ideal because of its extensive range of features. You can use this fire glass size in two to three tonal installations placed side by side as it helps add a visual gradient.

2. Medium Fire Glass Size:

This size of fire glass is perfect for larger fire installations. They feature just a diameter over half an inch and are visually pleasing. It provides much more texture as compared to the fine fire glass we discussed above. You can use this for two or three tonal installations too. 

3. Large Fire Glass Size: 

Going up to almost two inches in size, large fire glass depends on its designer and what is the size of it accurately. This size of glass is usually roughed up in order to attain some special features. If you have a traditional fire pit with an earthy tone, these fire glasses are easier to use in that setting. Large glass shards do not block the way of a flame. Infact, the free space available in between them allows it to make way for the flame. This helps by giving out more sharp and glossier flames. For that reason, this type should be used in a deep fire pit instead of a larger one. 

Colors Of Fire Glass 

Fire glasses are available in a wide range of colors. They last long and help brighten up the place a little. 

  • Sky blue fire glass
  • Black fire glass
  • Gold 
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Red 
  • Bronze 
  • Copper 


Classic Fire Glass: 

If you love crystal, you know you will love the classic crystal size! Available in an array of colors, class fire glass comes in ¼” and ½” sizing. This is perfect for any size of a fire pit. You can choose your color in order to match it with the color scheme of your surroundings.

 Reflective Fire Glass: 

    Reflective fire glass is best known for intensifying the look of the flames. The glass is polished to let the light from the flames reflect to lift the vibe of the party. The best part is, even when your pit is not lit during the day time, the reflective glass will reflect ray from the Sun!


    Sporting a very contemporary look, the fire beads are somewhat round in shape. Many people like to opt for this type as it helps to accentuate the pit with a uniform shape. You can avail this type of glass in the famous ‘luster’ finish to get a more reflective surface on the stones. 

    Recycled Fire Glass: 

    This type of glass has been re-fired in the same way the other glasses have had their procedure. It attains the same high-quality and is eco-friendly. Available in sizes ½” or ¾” with a wide variety of colors. 

    Zircon Fire Glass: 

    Named after its crystalline look and shape, the Zircon fire glass gives off a very elegant and enchanted look. This luxurious look glass helps in adding a touch of sophistication. 

    Get in touch with us to know more about fire glasses. Fire table glass is available in different colors for your pits. Reach out to us via our contact number or simply drop a mail!

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