6 Fresh and Fabulous Ways to Revamp Your Patio

You step outdoors and have a glance at your patio and you notice that it looks a bit rough.  The chairs are far from comfortable, the plants have died and there is absolutely no space to allot some new furniture *sigh*. 

If you can relate to this visual, then this blog will be right at your rescue!

Summer and fall months are off to a good start when you have the right space to make the most out of these bright and beautiful seasons. When you think about a relaxing summer you picture a cute patio, with a comfortable sofa and chair, some vibrant potted plants, and an outdoor umbrella to keep you safe from the sun while you get tanned.

You’ll need a blank canvas before you start visualizing your brand new patio or if you want to give a makeover to your existing one. Hence, it is important that you declutter first. Start off by putting aside any vases or decorative items that look weather-beaten or old enough to be discarded. Next up, start by dusting off the furniture. There would be some pieces that would look fresh and new after a light dusting session. But sadly,  the vintage lamp that you bought from a sale 5 years ago needs to be tossed away. The key to making your patio look fresh is to get rid of all the things that look worn out and old. Now that you have a clear space, you’ll be able to envision how you’d like to arrange your patio. Decide the kind type of vibe you want to go for. Do you have ample space to fit in an outdoor gas fire pit? Or do you have limited space where you can just allot a few outdoor swivel chairs and transform the outdoors into a cozy little space for you to read? 

Regardless of what you have in mind, we have shortlisted 7 truly fabulous ways to regain the lost glory of your outdoors. Check out the below ideas and find out what works for you!

  • Invest in extra seating

  • If you have some extra space, you can add a lounge chair for you to enjoy a quiet sunny evening. But if space is a concern for you, you can invest in compact corner chairs that will make those lonely corners more utilitarian without taking up a lot of space. 

  • Dine alfresco

  • Love dining in the open air? Let’s make it possible by investing in a good quality dining set. If you have enough space to accommodate a table and chairs on your patio then go for it! If not, you can even set up a dining table and chairs near your pool area or even your terrace. If you have ample outdoor garden space then this is the best way to enjoy your meals while you’re tucked away in nature. 

  • Add an outdoor firepit

  • Do you crave warm and cozy evenings as soon as the weather gets a little chilly? We feel you. With an outdoor gas fire pit, you can enjoy this feeling throughout the year. Regardless of the available space, you’ll be able to set up a firepit and add a focal point to your patio. Unless you have a cramped space that can hardly fit in a chair, our variety of fire pits are made to accommodate perfectly in your patio. We’ve come up with innovative shapes and sizes to suit various references. 

    1. Go for colorful pillows

    Pillows are one of the most versatile outdoor accessories. You can go for abstract pillows, furry pillows, or if you’re more of a plain Jane, you can opt for the classic solid colors. Pillows can add a touch of freshness even with the simplest furniture pieces. You’ll find a lot of design and color options from your favorite outdoor furniture brand

  • Add multifunctional furniture

  • A great way to save space and make your patio look cute. These furniture pieces do the job while looking really aesthetically pleasing. You can go for foldable chairs and tables or something that can function as a side table and a seating option when needed!

  • Add seasonal flowers and plants

  • One of the biggest reasons why your patio is looking shabby is because of those dead plants. Dead plants not only look unappealing but they’re also preferred as per Feng Shui. go for seasonal flowers so that you can make the maximum from their beauty during their favorite season. 

    We hope these ideas will help you get started with your patio makeover project. If you’re looking for new additions to your patio make sure you check out our outdoor furniture collection. From Sunbrella outdoor furniture to gray patio furniture- we have it all! 

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