3 Fire Pit Tips We Swear by to Keep It Safe from Rain Damage

We love the pleasant atmosphere that tags along the monsoon season. The cool breeze and the sound of rain make everything ten times better. But wait, does your firepit love the rains as much as you do? Rainwater can not only damage your firepit but if you don’t take proper care, your firepit can be damaged to an extent where you’ll need to buy a new one. But don’t worry- we have got your back. At Shop4Patio we believe that with the right kind of care and maintenance, you can make the most out of your outdoor furniture while making it last for a really long time. 

Our team has mentioned 3 tried and tested rain safety tips for your patio fire pit to make sure it isn’t damaged due to rainwater. Let us dive right into them!

Cover it up

Covers are equally important for fire pits as much as they are for any other outdoor furniture. The covers protect the outer quality of your fire pit through which you can ensure that it prevents debris and mildew from entering. You can choose from material options like vinyl or metal covers. Metal covers enhance the aesthetic look of your fire pit and are highly utilitarian. In order to retain the functionality, clean your pit regularly with mild soap and water. 

Prepare for saltwater

If your house or patio is situated somewhere near a salty water resource, then there are certain things you’ll need to do differently. Saltwater is harsh and it can have an adverse effect on the material used to manufacture the fire pit. Make sure you position your fire pit in a way that it comes in minimum or no contact with water, especially with rainwater as it has a high content of salt. Don’t forget to cover it up when not in use. Go for metal covers that will protect your fire pit’s integrity and increase its life. 

Invest in movable fire pits

Consider buying movable fire pits for better flexibility. A movable fire pit comes with the benefit of easy mobility. You can move it at your convenience. Mobility also helps in moving the pit indoors during heavier storms, rainfalls, or any calamity. However, you need to make sure that the fire pit has cooled down before you drag it inside.  

Apart from these tips, make sure you are buying a firepit that is manufactured using durable materials. Going for fire pits made from materials such as stainless steel would be best if you live in a rainy region. Since stainless steel does not rust or corrode easily, it can be an ideal option that will last you a long time, even if it comes in contact with water. However, to ensure it is still advisable to move your firepit indoors, regardless of the material it is built of.  

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