3 Common Mistakes Made When Picking Outdoor Patio Furniture

That time of the year when you approach warmer months, you crave to spend more time in your beautifully decorated outdoor patio, with the summer sun shining above your gas fire pit table, playing your favorite playlist, and sipping a cold drink. Isn’t this the most ideal setting ever? 

Sadly, this dream vision can quickly be shattered when you find some old shabby patio chairs lying around with one leg broken or an age-old center table. Why did this happen? Well, the truth is that you did not invest in good quality patio furniture.

Now you need something durable, comfortable, and furniture that adds to the appeal of your patio. But don’t worry we have a solution. Once you have acknowledged the problem with your patio, it is time to do something about it. In this blog, we have covered some of the most common mistakes that most people make when decorating their patio and shopping for patio furniture. Let us get started!


1 . Thinking cheaper is better


While furnishing your patio, naturally, you will look for options where you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get what you want. Cheaper does not necessarily mean better. If you are buying from a clearance sale then it's a different story. But buying from stores that sell furniture at a ‘too good to be true’ price is not a good idea. You don’t want to sit on low-quality chairs where the seat always slides down when you try to sit or the legs of the tables are wobbly. So, it is wise to rather spend on good quality furniture rather than buying cheap furniture which would not allow you to enjoy your outdoors.


2 . Not considering the weather


The whole idea about the patio is to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. But what about those times when the weather decides to take a toll? You can’t leave your newly bought furniture drenching in rainwater, ruining its shine and appeal. If you have cushions or sofa seats, make sure you bring them indoors as soon as the rainy season is about to start. In case your furniture gets wet, you can place them in a slant angle so the water can drain out. If it is usually hot where you live, especially during summertime when the sun heat spares no one, buy patio furniture that is made of sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is fade resistant and can withstand heat without losing its quality. Metal furniture is great for places that experience strong wind waves as they’re heavy enough to not be blown away with the wind.


3 . Over-stuffing


This is a simple point- some outdoor furniture is just not made for your space. You might love that huge wooden table but does your patio have enough space to accommodate it? You will be exploring various options such as teak, wicker, sunbrella, metal, and wood- but the important thing is to make the right choice. This depends on the available space, your budget, and the weather conditions. If you have limited patio space, one or two benches with one center table will suffice. Or if you have ample of space, you can go ahead and add other features like a round propane fire pit table, a few swivel chairs, and even a dining table set.


These are just some of the tips to make the most out of your outdoor space without compromising on quality, appeal, and comfort. If you are longing to give your patio a makeover, check out our collection and you will get some inspiration for sure!

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